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Dear Schnauss, Many of your quotes having spelling mistakes, I'm not sure if it's meant to be like that or not... - Fox
One Designer/Slash/Model's mistake is another Designer/Slash/Model's subconscious ingenuity. Traditional spelling is Fascist and often results in poor kerning. Never self-restrict. Letters are mere shapes like trees or poodles. If the poodle looks better in the tree than beside it then so be it. Rebember - desngi cna chnaeg the wolrd.

Dear Schnauss, What inspires you the most? - Jimmy in Chicago
Inspiration inspires me. I get most of my ideas from real life - the runways in Milan, the Paris shows, Hermes in New York. And believe me, nothing is more "real" than fashion. Have you ever tried to change clothes seven times in an hour? Or do six lines of coke and stare at flashbulbs for two hours. It's way more "street" than "runway". I put all of that angst, anorexia, and jet lag into my work as a designer.

Dear Schnauss, how do you stay so thin? - Vikki in London
I really like to purge on shoots. It's so convenient - craft service is usually just a few steps from the moho. I can gorge and go, flush and brush and be back at the camera in minutes. It's not a body image thing I just direct better when I feel thin.

Dear Schnauss, why did you become a designer? - Kenji in Tokyo
I am not a designer. I am an artist. This is an important distinction. Have you ever thought about the word 'Design'. On one level it speaks to considered esthetic choice - but if you change the accent on the syllables it says something entirely different. Instead of design, pronounce it de-sign. To de-sign is to remove the sign. The sign is the most basic form of graphic communication. So to de-sign means to remove communication. If you remove communication from design what is left? Art. The highest order of modern marketing is invisibility which relies on non-communicative communication. So if design is about removing communication and removing communication equals art then art equals modern marketing. I am an artist.

Dear Schnauss, what separates you from the rest? - Erica in Rome
Talent separates the designer slash models from the button-pusher slash models. You can have incredible bone structure and skin and know every piece of software and plug-in on the planet but if you don't "get it" viscerally you may as well be a crane operator slash model.

Dear Schnauss, can you ever be too beautiful? - Eric in Milan
I will assume that you mean 'you' in the editorial sense as in can anyone be too beautiful not can Schnauss be too beautiful because that's quite a different subject and the answer is not. So then I will ask this question, have you ever seen Jocelyn Wildenstein? Some may say she's WAY too beautiful, some may wanted her to stop at boring, myself, I'm a voyeur, I love to watching!

Dear Schnauss, how can we hate fascism when it's given us such fabulous black uniforms? - Mark in Sussex
Firstly, save your 'we' for when you're not talking to Schnauss, idiot! Secondly I don't care what you hate or don't hate. Thirdly, Schnauss can hate what Schnauss want's to hate. Fourthly, if Schnauss liked anything, he'd like what he'd want to like. Fifthly, Schnauss hates Prada because it makes him seem fat. Sixthly, Schnauss wears Prada every day. So there's your answer Corporate Creative Director!

email your questions to Schnauss